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Work in Progress

Free Ride (Sept 2015-March 2016)

RAW tv


Free Ride follows modern adventurer Rob Greenfield and cameraman James Levelle´s attempt to cross the entire South American continent with not a dime to their names. 

I carried out S&P research, wrangled data, logged and assisted with translation in the edit.

To Liechtenstein with Love (August 2015)

The band Opaque


To Liechtenstein with Love is a lighthearted exploration of a small band from Peterborough´s attempt to make it big in a tiny country. Working on the basis of statistics, band singer Moony calculates that their little group´s chances of becoming a hit sensation would be greatly increased if they were to take on a more manageably sized country. This documentary accompanies them on that journey to mini-stardom.

I shot all material on C100 mark ii. 

Noekkelen til Suksess 4:4 - Kygo (August 2015)

NRK tv


Noekkelen til Suksess is a one-off series for Norwegian TV following four inspirational Norwegians in their daily lives. I shot footage for episode 4 during Kygo´s tour to London on C100 mark ii. This involved interviews with fans, front of house gig footage, GVs and gig crowd footage. 

Examples of my footage can be seen from 33.35 onwards and from 39.56 onwards.  

Im Himmel ist es Grün Genug (July 2015)

Sarah Pfeiffer


Im Himmel ist es Grün Genug is a physical theatre piece on ropes, designed to tackle the subject of life and death for children and adults alike. 

I filmed this video for performance artist Sarah Pfeiffer to use for funding and residency applications.

Experimental (July 2015)

Nerd TV


Experimental is a Channel 4 series putting the science behind challenging youtube clips to the test.

I researched the back stories to the youtube clips covered, identified uploaders and sourced information for fair dealing.

The Bridge at Waterloo (June 2015)

The Bridge at Waterloo


The Bridge at Waterloo is an umbrella charity based out of St John´s church, Waterloo. It incorporates a number of charitable organisations working with young people in the borough.


This promo was created for a reception at the House of Lords and was made collaboratively with young people from these various projects.

In the Shadows of Moscow (April 2015)

Guerrera Films


In the Shadows of Moscow is a documentary exploring racism in the Russian capital. As second camera operator to Sonum Sumaria, I shot observational and interview footage on C100 Mark ii of: a young victim of racism, Uzbek human rights campaigners, and illegal immigrants forced to work on the black market, as well as some GVs. 

Examples of footage shot by me can be found at 00.02s, 00.06s and 00.18s.

Homelink Day Respite Care (April 2015)


Homelink Day Respite Care is a charitable organisation providing nurse-led respite care for elderly clients coping with the onset of Alzheimers and their carers. I created a promotional video for incorporation into Homelink´s funding campaign. 

Joko und Klaas: Das Duell um die Welt (Jan 2015)

Florida TV (Endemol Group)


Joko und Klaas: Das Duell um die Welt is a comedy adventure series that pits the strength of presenters Joko and Klaas against one another in a series of humorous and downright dangerous challenges. 

For Joko´s Letchworth pub-crawl challenge, I scouted and arranged each location in advance and was there to manage locations during the shoot.

Hoffmann & Woischnig (June 2014 / March 2015)

Service de Jeunesse de Luxembourg


The Service de Jeunesse de Luxembourg commissioned us to film material for their initiative to promote vocational careers for young people.


I was independently responsible for the direction and camerawork on a number of shoots. I was further responsible for equipment checks, preparation and securing the material from each day´s shoot. 


Vermisst (March 2014-December 2014)

Endemol Deutschland GmbH


The German television series Vermisst reunites families with long-lost relatives who they have been searching for for years.

I conducted and filmed casting interviews with potential protagonists on the Sony NX5U and Sony HDR-FX1000E, and remained responsible for protagonists´ care throughout production.

I carried out research and production tasks for the series both independently and together with colleagues in a multilingual environment (including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, English and Mandarin Chinese). I organised and managed locations.



TipstR TV (December 2013-March 2014)

Online TV channel


I filmed a range of content for Berlin´s new online TV channel TipstR TV, including live gigs for the series ´Sound Visions: Live and Unplugged´ and content for a food and cookery show with cult blogger Anne Seubert.


Locals Alike (August 2013)

Locals Alike Community Based Tourism Initiative


This innovative tourism initiative takes tourism back to its community roots, bringing people together through dividing the labour of organising group activities and accommodation throughout the community. 


I filmed a video for entrepeneur Pai Somsak to use for Locals Alike promotion. 


Katastrophen in 8 Strophen (October 2013)

Sarah Pfeiffer - Performance piece
Run time: 23mins 


Sarah Pfeiffer is an acrobat and clown specialising in ropes theatre for children and adults alike. 

I captured her newest piece at it´s premiere in Berlin´s Tiyatrom theatre.



Tempelhof Park (November 2013)

Personal project - Documentary
Run time: 3mins


The old airfield in the centre of Berlin is for me the living breathing heart of the city. Not only is it a place to do sports and have fun, but valuable green space, providing a natural home to the city´s plants and animals alike. Now there are plans to build new luxury apartments on the park: this film seeks to raise awareness of the developments, give people a means to voice their feelings about it and capture the essence of the park as it is now.


Express Your Hip-Hop Vibe

Promotional video


This live Hip-Hop event was hosted by the FEZ-Berlin in collaboration with personalities of the Hip-Hop scene and other world music practitioners. 

I filmed this two day event to produce both a short promo for the Landesmusikakademie and one of the Hip-Hop artists who organised the event.


The Road to Zhuhai (Dec 2012)

Little Meow Productions

Run time: 30mins 

In a collaborative project with my sister and fellow filmmaker Natalie Thomas and Liaoning Province born Hai Miao, I chased rumours of beautiful deserted beaches across the Chinese countryside.

From Beijing, we travelled to Guangzhou, one of the 'Great Workshops of the World', before arriving at our destination: Zhuhai in the Pearl River Delta, where our film takes an environmental twist.

Trailer coming soon!


Catharsis (August 2013)

Mae Fah Luang Foundation

Run time: 9mins

In the mountains of Northern Thailand​, opium addiction was prevalent amongst a stateless population. Uneducated young women were being sent to the city to earn money the only way they felt able - through prostitution. In 1988 the Princess Mother of Thailand started a project designed to turn this troubled area around. 


This documentary meets four of the people whose lives were changed through her generosity. 




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