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About me

I am a non-fiction producer/director and camera operator for broadcast and online with a focus on conservation and environmental content, as well as content relating to human rights, adventure travel, anthropology and history. I am happy working alone - managing my own lighting, sound and camera, or working within a team both as PD, and as AP on more complicated shoots. I have undergone basic First Aid and hostile environment training, and have experience working in remote and hostile locations (eg. embedding with army in Peru, uncovering remote art in FARC territory in Colombia etc). I am bilingual in German and speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese.


I have worked on projects for: National Geographic, Discovery, Channel 4, Channel 5, NHK, NRK, BBC, RTL, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Red Bull TV, the EBU. I also regularly work in educational programme making and have series Produced/Directed several BBC Bitesize series, as well as an in depth climate change series for WWF.

I have a strong outdoor background, and love the physical and mental challenges of working in adverse conditions. I am always keen to learn and take great pride in delivering optimum results across all formats and genres.


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